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American Manufacturer of Explosive Storage Magazines, Armories & Ammunition Storage Cabinets

Current Inventory  Type 2 Tall
Type 2 Indoor Magazine
Type 2 with Cap Box

 Type 4 Outdoor Magazine
 Trailered Type 2 with large Cap Box

Maritime Type 4 Magazine
 Type 3 Day Boxes - SLP-22 Rated
Explosive Storage Magazines has over seventeen years experience in the design and fabrication of explosive magazines, armories and ammunition storage cabinets. With over fifty years design, engineering, and fabrication of all types of complex systems, we are well equipped to deliver advanced magazine designs that will provide excellent service for many years.

United States/Canada Joint Certification Program - APPROVED
United States/Canada
Joint Certification Program

Our military magazines are manufactured to spec

Mission Statement

American Made
Using the most advanced designs possible, to provide the highest quality, longest lasting explosive magazines & ammunition storage to the client
Type 2 Explosives Magazine - 900 SqFt

Type 2 Explosives Magazine with Cap Box        Type 3 Magazine - Day Box meeting SLP#22
Trailer Mounted Type 2 Magazine with Cap Box

The safe storage of explosive materials and ammunition is a critical safety issue. Our engineering can provide solutions to the most complicated design requirements. Our vast experience in areas such as structural design, explosion proof dehumidification, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration can provide the critical edge for assured safe operation.

We are the only full-line explosive storage magazine and armory manufacturer west of the Mississippi River, and our quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. We take pride in attention to YOUR details, and will build to your exact specifications, all the while meeting or exceeding ATF Publication 5400.7,  ATF specs 27 CFR 555.11 and US Military specs, including DoD 5100.76M, AR 190-11, and OPNAVINST 5530.13C

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GOD Bless America, her Troops, Veterans, POW's and MIA's

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