Type 2 magazines

Mobile and portable indoor and outdoor magazines for the storage of high explosives, subject to the limitations prescribed by §§555.206, 555.208(b), and 555.213. Other classes of explosive materials may also be stored in type 2 magazines.

Outdoor Type 2 magazines must be bullet-resistant, fire-resistant, weather-resistant, theft-resistant, and ventilated.

Indoor Type 2 magazines need not be weather nor bullet-resistant if located in a building which is bullet resistant. Indoor Type 2 magazines, when located in warehouses and wholesale and retail establishments, must be mounted on casters, or a caster cart per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.109(c)(4)(iv)

This Type 2 Explosive storage magazine at the right, is a 512 square foot, modular design with double doors on one side.

Some notable features of this magazine are:

  • The arched roof, which eliminates the possibility of standing water
  • Our state of the art design with all supporting structural steel inside the walls. This feature provides a smooth exterior surface that can be coated completely, leaving no unprotected exterior surfaces, extending the service life of the magazine.

These features are directly responsible for our claim of double the service life of standard industry magazines. We can engineer magazines to your specific requirements while keeping you in compliance with BATF regulations.

Sizes Available from 9 sq. ft. to 2500 sq. ft.!!

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