Type 3 Day Boxes

Type 3 magazines. Portable outdoor magazines for the temporary storage of high explosives while attended (for example, a “day-box”), subject to the limitations prescribed by 555.206 and 555.213. Other classes of explosives materials may also be stored in type 3 magazines.

SLP #22

When transporting explosive materials, it is often desirable to carry detonators on the same motor vehicle with other explosive materials. Tests conducted by the The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME), and witnessed by the Department of Transportation (DOT), have demonstrated that under specific conditions, certain detonators can be transported with other explosive materials on the same vehicle. DOT regulations prohibit the transport of detonators with explosives unless certain specific requirements are met.

Since 1972, DOT has accepted this publication, Recommendations for the Safe Transportation of Detonators in a Vehicle with Certain Other Explosive Materials, SLP-22 as one of these specific requirements. SLP-22 is adopted by reference by DOT at 49 CFR 178.835(g)(3)(ii). SLP-22 has remained virtually unchanged since 1972 and has proven an extremely effective standard. None of millions of shipments of detonators and explosives made using SLP-22 have resulted in a mass-detonation.

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