Type 4 Magazines

Type 4 magazines. Magazines for the storage of low explosives, subject to the limitations prescribed by§§555.206(b), 555.210(b), and 555.213. Blasting agents may be stored in type 4 magazines, subject to the limitations prescribed by §§555.206(c), 555.211(b), and 555.213. Detonators that will not mass detonate may also be stored in type 4 magazines, subject to the limitations prescribed by §§555.206(a), 555.210(b), and 555.213.
Explosive Storage Magazines specializes in custom-built magazines designed to specific individual customer requirements, sizes and configurations. These cabinet style units are Type 4 magazines of a special design for the segregation and storage of explosive, mechanical release bolts used in space exploration. Explosive Storage Magazines, being the only full-line explosive storage magazine manufacturer west of the Mississippi River, can obviously save you enormous shipping related expenses. Along with the quality of design and fabrication, this makes us the top choice for your magazine and armory needs.

The cabinet interiors are equipped with certified, non- sparking polyethylene and aluminum drawers. The drawer slides are designed with non-sparking, proprietary materials and are without metal components.

Type 4 magazines vary in size and shape, and are built to exact customer specifications, while keeping compliant with all AFT and other agency requirements.

Below are examples of the various Type 4 magazines built for Explosive Storage Magazines’ customers.

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